A community of gamers that you can trust

A community of gamers that you can trust

GamingHerd is a community for gamers who prioritize fair play, seeking an environment free from cheaters, smurfs, and toxicity. Utilize our matchmaking service to connect with like-minded gamers, considering factors such as Herd Honor™, geolocation, skill level, and competitive preferences.

Supported games

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 will be the first game supported by GamingHerd right from the start. For over two decades, Counter-Strike has provided an elite competitive experience, influenced by millions of players worldwide. Stay tuned for additional supported titles or feel free to reach out with other games you would like to see supported.

A straightforward and transparent community-driven approach

A straightforward and transparent community-driven approach

Minimum Requirements

To ensure a seamless and secure gaming experience, we require all users to link their Steam account to our platform.

Here are the minimum requirements you need in order to use the GamingHerd platform:

  • Ownership of CS2: Your Steam account must have Counter-Strike 2 in its library.

  • Public and configured steam profile: Ensure your Steam account is visible and active.

  • Gameplay Hours: A minimum of 800 hours of gameplay on CS2 demonstrates your commitment and skill, enriching the GamingHerd experience for everyone.

Precision Matchmaking

Our matchmaking system is designed with your preferences at its core.

  • Choose your platform: Before queueing, configure your preferred platform for playing Counter-Strike 2. This ensures that your lobby already knows whether you'll engage in private matchmaking (10 mans) or venture into the realms of third-party services like FACEIT or Renown, streamlining the decision-making process and diving straight into action.

  • Choose your play style: Tailor your gaming sessions to your current mood and goals. Whether you're in for a casual evening or a competitive marathon.

  • Quality lobbies: In additon to your preferred platform and play style, our algorithm considers your skill level, geolocation and Herd Honor™ to connect you with like-minded gamers, laying the groundwork for epic and balanced matches.

Get Connected

Every game lobby connects you with your group in a dedicated Discord channel, serving as your private meeting ground for both strategy and socializing. This channel, designed to disappear after your game concludes, ensures a focused and clutter-free gaming experience. But the end of a game doesn't mean the end of new connections.

You'll have the ability to browse through all your past gaming lobbies in addition to being able to view a list of recently matched gamers. Featuring real-time online status visibility, you can swiftly invite your newfound gaming allies to join your queue for another round of action.

Herd Honor™

Your Herd Honor™ is a visible rating that reflects your engagement with the platform and the quality of interactions as perceived by the community. It serves as a measure of your reputation among fellow gamers.

Elevating your Herd Honor™ is about more than just avoiding negative behavior; it's about actively contributing to a culture of respect, sportsmanship, and mutual support. As your Herd Honor™ grows, so does your role in making the GamingHerd community a better place for everyone.

Provide feedback

At GamingHerd, we believe in the power of community feedback to shape a trustworthy and enjoyable gaming environment. That's why, when you exit a lobby, we offer you the opportunity to leave feedback for your fellow gamers. This crucial input directly influences their Herd Honor™, contributing to a safer and more respectful community for everyone.

After submitting feedback for a player, you’ll encounter a cooldown period before you can review the same player again. This measure is designed to prevent spamming and ensure that feedback is thoughtful and based on a range of experiences.

Zero Tolerance

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy against cheating, smurfing, and any form of platform abuse. Our stance is firm and non-negotiable to ensure every member enjoys a fair, competitive environment.

We recognize that toxicity can be nuanced, but we are committed to addressing it proactively. Repeated negative feedback from the community will trigger escalating cooldown periods. Persistent disregard for our community standards may result in a permanent ban.

Our policies are designed to maintain the integrity of our gaming environment, fostering a space where respect, sportsmanship, and fair play thrive.

Toxic Gaming DB

Toxic Gaming DB

Toxic Gaming Database

The Toxic Gaming Database (TGDB) is a searchable public resource which documents and exposes players who undermine the integrity of our games through cheating, smurfing, racist behaviors, and throwing matches.

Encounter a toxic player? Act by reporting them on our site, supporting your claim with concrete evidence such as leetify links, FACEIT match links, and videos or screenshots hosted on a 3rd party like imgur or streamable. Each submission is reviewed by our administrators to confirm its authenticity. Verified reports are then made publicly available, promoting transparency and accountability.

View the TGDB
Some questions you might have

Some questions you might have